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Ford Protect Maintenance Protection Plans

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Why Purchase a Prepaid Maintenance Plan?

Purchasing a prepaid maintenance plan for your business is a wise decision. Not only does it help keep your vehicles operating in top condition and protect your investment beyond your New Vehicle Basic Warranty, but it also helps you budget your expenses easily and accurately by locking in tomorrow’s maintenance expenses at today’s rates.

The Right Plan for your Business

Ford of Canada offers various Ford/Lincoln Protect prepaid maintenance plans. The Ford Maintenance Protection Plan (FMPP) and Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan (LMPP) include coverage for selected wear items, as required, due to normal wear or defect. All maintenance and wear item replacements are made with Ford-approved parts. With so many different plans, you can choose the right maintenance plan for your Business.

Ford Maintenance Protection Plan (FMPP)

FMPP covers all scheduled maintenance for Ford vehicles as recommended in the Owner’s Manual (Owner’s Manual Diesel Supplement for Ford Power Stroke® Diesel engine) for the time/kilometres selected, up to the service visit limits of your plan. A Ford Maintenance Protection Plan may be purchased from Ford as a standalone plan or with any new Ford Protect Extended Service Plan. Ford Maintenance Protection Plans also include coverage for 8 wear items, as required, due to normal wear or defect:

  • Brake pads and linings
  • Brake rotors
  • Clutch disc (manual transmission only)
  • Engine belts, hoses and hose clamps
  • Light bulbs (excludes HID &LED lamps and headlamps)
  • Shock absorbers
  • Spark plugs
  • Wiper blades

Lincoln Maintenance Protection Plan (LMPP)

LMPP covers all required scheduled maintenance items, as recommended in your Owner’s Manual. It also includes coverage for 6 wear items, as required, due to normal wear or defect.

FMPP for Diesel Vehicles

Ford Power Stroke® Diesel vehicle owners can also benefit from the added convenience and peace of mind of a prepaid maintenance plan. FMPP covers all Ford diesel vehicle scheduled maintenance as outlined in the vehicle’s Owner’s Guide Diesel Supplement, up to the service visit limits of your plan, including the fill up or top off of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) when it is part of an eligible maintenance scheduled service. See your Dealer for more details about an FMPP designed specifically for your diesel vehicle.

FMPP – Cab and Chassis Vehicles

FMPP is available on Cab and Chassis vehicles with a variety of time and distance selections tailored to Cab and Chassis customers. It covers all required scheduled maintenance as outlined in your vehicle’s Owner’s Guide plus 8 wear items as required, due to normal wear or defect. This added peace of mind is especially important for commercial customers by offering the ease of prepaid maintenance to help ensure a vehicle’s best performance. Speak to your Dealer for more information regarding specific FMPP plan availability.

Select the Coverage That’s Right for You

Your driving habits will determine the optimum maintenance schedule for your vehicle. FMPP and LMPP provide an array of plans to suit your vehicles’ recommended maintenance intervals and requirements.

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This website is only intended to provide limited general information about Ford/Lincoln Protect plans as certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions apply. Plan availability, benefits and coverage may vary by province. Please see your participating Dealer for full plan details.