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Ford Telematics Powered by Telogis

What is Ford Telematics powered by Telogis?

Ford Telematics powered by Telogis is Ford’s built-in telematics solution that can make your business more efficient and productive, while fostering safe driving across your fleet. Deep integration into your Ford vehicle provides a 360-view of exclusive metrics and driver behaviour. Ford Telematics gives you the total visibility and control you need to understand vehicle and fleet performance and transform any size operation.

How does it work?

Ford Telematics is a small device with GPS and a wide range of other capabilities that is mounted behind the dashboard of your Ford vehicle. It captures and reports data based on a wealth of information – from current location, speed and fuel efficiency to airbag status, tire pressure and oil-life remaining. Real-time audible alerts track driving behaviour to foster safe driving across the fleet. And your easy-to-use online account provides real-time views of your fleet on a map and lets you view dashboards, alerts and create reports.

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Benefits to your business and optimizing your fleet

Ford Telematics powered by Telogis helps fleets of all sizes enjoy significant benefits and savings.

Encourage Safe Driving

Reward your best drivers. Have a window into at risk driving such as seat belt usage, harsh braking, speeding and more, while curbing poor driving where it counts – behind the wheel – with access to audible in-cab alerts.

Improve Customer Service

See more jobs done well. Know where your drivers are, where they’ve been and where they’re going to better manage customer expectations. See your business in action from any device, anywhere.

Foster Cost Savings

Save beyond the fuel spend. Save in obvious ways (fuel and labour costs), plus not-so-obvious ways (vehicle utilization). What you don’t know is costing you.

Manage Vehicle Health

Get ahead of maintenance. Identify issues before they become ISSUES. Proactive maintenance alerts will keep resources on the road and productive.

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Vehicle Support

(Available factory-fit or Dealer install on these Ford vehicles)

  • Super Duty® (MY08+)
  • Transit (MY15+)
  • E-Series (MY09+)
  • F150 (MY09+)
  • Transit Connect (MY10+)
  • F-650-750 (MY16+)
  • Interceptor Sedan and Utility (MY13+)
  • Escape (MY10+)*
  • Focus (MY11+)*
  • Fusion (MY14+)*
  • Explorer (MY15+)*
  • Taurus (MY14+)*
  • Stripped Chassis (MY09-14)*
  • Ranger (MY11+)*
  • Crown Victoria Interceptor (MY10-11)*

* Dealer install only.

Why Ford Telematics™? Do the Math*

  • 15% Increase in Productivity
  • 25% Reduction in Fuel
  • 20% Increase in Vehicle Utilization
  • 30% Reduction in Idle Time
  • 10% Reduction in Total Distance Driven
  • 15% Overtime Reduction

* Why you need to invest in connected trucks, Frost & Sullivan, 2015.

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